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About Us

  • Jan - 2021


  • March - 2021

    We crossed 50,000 Followers on Instagram

    March - 2021

  • May - 2021

    Our Reels Videos crossed more than 2 Crore Views

  • September - 2021

    1,00,000 + Followers on Instagram

    September - 2021

  • January - 2022

    1,000 + Customer’s Served

  • June - 2022

    2,000 + Customer’s Served

    June - 2022

Akshata Jain, Founder - Knot Your Type

Knot Your Type is a brand for your customized gifting needs by Akshata Jain based in Pune, India. The company curates everything keeping in mind all your needs with utmost love and care. We ship Pan India and Internationally. Our vibe is colorful, aesthetic, and eclectic.

The brand initially started with making personalized masks and frames. We wanted to add something new that could be extremely special and has a personal touch that’s when we thought of the hoop frames to preserve the very special day in your loved one’s lives.

Handmade gifting is a unique way to express your love for someone for any special occasion. Gifting handmade is giving someone a gift worth your love. Knot Your Type’s vivid collection crafted by eminent artists with utmost perfection will allow you to bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

Our products are special as they commemorate the special moments in your life. All our products are not just a piece of art hanging around the house but a little something that captures a place in your heart.

There is something to make every occasion special. From weddings hoops to birthdays to pregnancies, celebrate everything that you feel is special. Apart from the existing product designs, we like to allow our clients to explore their creative personalities by allowing them to tell us what they want their product to look like.

The journey has been incredible with all the love from our clients. Something that started from the comfort of a home studio is now a reason to smile for many. We are extremely thankful to everyone who has supported our small business to the point where it is now.

Gift handmade, as it is one of a kind, just like you.

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